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At Cavallaro and Moore Orthodontics, we are always excited to meet new patients and their families! It is important to us that your first visit is comfortable, informative, and enjoyable. While you are here you will have the opportunity to meet our team and have one-on-one time with the doctor. Dr. Cavallaro or Dr. Moore will complete a thorough oral exam, after which they will discuss with you what they see and answer any questions you may have.

If it is the appropriate time for treatment the doctors will recommend setting up an appointment for diagnostic records, which include x-rays, photographs, and impressions of your teeth for models to be made. Dr. Cavallaro and Dr. Moore will both review all of your records and come up with a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs. You will then have a consultation with the doctor, during which they will go over your records and discuss their treatment recommendations.

If it is not the appropriate time for treatment the doctors will continue to monitor growth and development for ideal timing. Dr. Cavallaro and Dr. Moore are very conservative when it comes to early, also know as interceptive or phase I, treatment and always prefer to wait until most of the permanent teeth have erupted, if possible. There are however, times that early treatment is necessary to achieve results that may be unattainable if treatment were to be done at an older age. The doctors will be sure to let you know if early treatment is necessary or if it would be purely for esthetics.

To save you time at your first visit with us, please print the applicable health hx form (child form for patients under 18 years old, and adult forms for patients 18 years and older), the HIPPA form, and the new patient questionaire. You may bring it with you to your first visit, or if you have a smart phone or scanner, you can take a picture and email them to


We are a fee-for-service practice, therefore we do not take direct assignment from insurance companies. We will, however, be happy to help you file your insurance and then you would receive insurance reimbursements directly.

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